Family Matters and Conversion

Today is a big day for the little Safek family.  Today, the civil courts will help our legal reality catch up with our actual reality.

Our family is special in many ways, but one that most people aren’t aware of is that Mr. Safek chose to be a father to two children that weren’t his.  Most people aren’t aware because he is such a wonderful father and we are all so close.  When we met, I was a divorced single mother, working hard to raise my family all on my own.  My ex left the state and didn’t pay child support, leaving the three of us on our own.  My son was 5 and my daughter just 3 years old when Mr. Safek came into our lives.  I hadn’t been looking for anyone.  I’d been focused on just being a good mother and supporting us.  I’d also been praying for help from G-d.

I truly believe G-d listened to me and sent me my husband to share my life with.  I also believe that he sent the children the father they’d always deserved.  My husband would probably say that he is the lucky one, that he finally had the family he didn’t even know he was missing.

Mr. Safek was in his 40’s and had never had children.  Still, he loved our children from the very start and jumped into parenting with both feet.  He taught our daughter to tie her shoes and taught them both how to ride a bike.  He’d awkwardly hold tea cups for tea parties and even volunteered to be a cub scout leader for my son’s troop when no one else would.  He’s always been a wonderful, caring father to them both and I never once felt like he would love them any more if they were his own because, to him, they are his own.

For various reasons, we’d never gotten the custody agreement from back before my ex left the state updated.  Mr. Safek would love to adopt the children he has spent so many years raising as his own, but my ex would make that difficult.  Today, though, we have a hearing to update that custody agreement and grant me full custody of my children.  In time, once the children are of legal age, they can choose for their Abba to adopt them, but for now, this is still a wonderful thing for us that will help solidify our family legally and I feel like it is an important step forward for us, G-d willing, to being a full, complete, and whole Jewish family.

Please daven for us that everything should go easily today.  We don’t expect any big issues since my ex has been out of our lives for so long, but we’d appreciate the prayers.  I know that whatever happens is for our highest and best good.

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