Baruch Hashem!

It is telling that while other religions bless things or people, Jews continuously bless G-d.  Every blessing is a thank you to the almighty and a reminder that all things come from Him.  Rather than trying to imbue the people or things around us with holiness, as other faiths do, we instead recognize that these things are already imbued with a spark from their creator and instead it is we who are recognizing that.

It’s in that spirit today that I bless G-d for having given us the best possible outcome at our hearing yesterday.  Our family is whole and the way forward has been made more clear for us.

G-d was with me, many years ago, when I cried out, alone and afraid, struggling even just to feed my family and worried about their future.  He brought me a wonderful, loving husband and He helped guide us through so many obstacles that helped us grow stronger as a family and helped bring us all together to today.

Our path to being a family definitely wasn’t the conventional or short path, but I do believe that it was the right path for us, especially when I see our children hug their Abba goodnight.

Baruch Hashem indeed!

As I look forward now, I have faith that G-d will help guide us to being a Jewish family as well.  We need only hold onto that hope and faith and keep each day working toward it and trust that even if the path winds and bends again, if we just stay on it, we will be delivered.  We’ve already made it through so much together.

The Jews needed to go through a lot even after the Exodus to really form into a nation.  Maybe some families just need to go through a bit more than others to build a firm foundation as a family.  Perhaps, also, some Jews need to go through a bit more to build that solid identity as Jews?

For now, I am just so thankful and grateful for where we are and how far Hashem has brought us!

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