Shabbat RV Time

The hours stretch and it seems we’ve always been there.  A two day Yom Tov, but it seems like that’s just what has always been, that there is no other life or world beyond.  We go to shul, we eat, we go to the park, and I read to the kids because they asked.  That the sun stays the same the entire time and that we had to set alarms on the Shabbos clock to get up to light Yom Tov candles again doesn’t help to add any sense of time.

Friday morning comes and I emerge, blinking, back into the world, driving to work.

Which is the “real” world, the world of the RV where everything is somehow condensed and time stands still?  Or is it this world, where everything moves so fast and I can never seem to catch up to it all?

I rub my eyes and try to read through my email, trying to make the words make sense again.  I push myself into my work and try not to think about how, in a few hours, I’ll be rushing to prepare for Shabbos, rushing to be ready to return again to RV time.

Life is simpler when you only concentrate on what is right in front of you.

Life is simpler when you let time mind itself.

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