I Was There

When the Voice shook the earth
and miracles happened
I was there, unseen and unknown
I wandered through centuries
I lived lives wild and untamable
my ancestors were fierce
brave and foolhardy
they worshipped the creation
and shook their swords at the creator

When a nation was formed
I was among its multitudes
I spoke out in one voice
I accepted
I believed
And then I was scattered
My face became strange
as I was born among strangers
my lips forgot holy speech
I formed new words
I wondered why I felt lost
even among my own people

When we built the sanctuary
I contributed too
My hands touched the looms
My treasures were given
I saw the clouds
tasted manna
and learned holy laws
But I was dispersed
My soul cried
I didn’t understand why
Its language wasn’t my own

And then, after many lifetimes
I heard strange words
My mind couldn’t translate
My heart remembered
My soul cried out
Was I home?
I couldn’t remember
and I couldn’t stay away
Relearning how to speak
A child again
My eyes full of fear and wonder
Behind new wrinkles

But I was there
When the voice shook the earth
and miracles happened
I know I was there.

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