Summer Solstice

The sun, in his vanity rules the skies
today is his day
his highest achievement
his conquest of the night
the moon hides herself
the sky is full of his light

It also is the beginning of his downfall
Tomorrow and every day after
the night wins back precious time
escaping from her exile deep in hours of sleep
she rises
She raids time from day, bit by bit

I wish I could stay awake
I want to see the sliver of her left
but life is too busy
the hour is hidden behind my eyelids
She slips away so quickly in the night
a thief ready to steal back the day

For others, solstice means little
a slightly longer day in a calendar of long days
For us, it means one ruler has reached his apex
the height of his power
And another shall soon rise up to challenge him
we are the occupants of their battle

They say Hashem diminished the moon
punishment for her envy of the sun
today the sun seems to have won
But Hashem took pity on the moon
His kindness was aroused
And the moon always returns

In the long darkness to come there is solace
the moon again rules the sky
and the sky celebrates
painting itself in auroras
shifting colors her robes flowing
making the sun only appear arrogant

In the cold dark, we dream more
dreams of the future and past
We pray intensely through short days
We read by fires over long nights
One more long night to dream
One more winter to prepare

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