Fasting Thoughts

Curving into myself instead of reaching out into the world
My heart feels cavernous, full of a maze
I follow it, feeling along the roughened walls
finding things I’d long lost
the world keeps trying to lure me back
the emptiness of my belly guards, pushing them away

I shake my head, trying to clear it
But I see what is within so much more clearly
when it’s blurry and out of focus
I find lost truths I knew as a child
Unlearning the false stories the world taught me
I keep following the maze deeper

They say every child is taught all of Torah
while dozing in the womb
their eyes fuzzy and focus blurred
They know all
Only to forget it in an instant
The price for being born

I float now in this space outside of everyday
like an unborn child again
My fingertips slip across countless deep mysteries
And even now I know I’ll lose my grasp
I try to repeat one, just one, in my head
I try not to forget

We are all, each of us, so much more than we appear
The tip of an iceberg
But what is seen is barely the surface
We think we are limited
The truth is we’re too focused to see clearly
We are simply a part of the infinite allowed to appear separate

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