Every Day Has Its Song

Every day is given its own song
In Hebrew, the Shir Shel Yom
they say every word of Torah was sung
As G-d sung the world into creation
A neverending song

Song sung without lips, words without sound
a frequency beyond our hearing
even a dog’s ears cannot hear
without song, nothing would be
existence ceasing the moment the tune ends

if my life is a song, what key is it sung?
is the melody happy or sad?
the tune smooth and flowing
or discordant as experimental jazz?
is my song light and lilting or heavy?

Somehow, the composer creates all songs at once
they all fit together, adding to the symphony
and no human ears can hear
no matter how different, they harmonize
blending into one note of creation

Does my song add or detract from this beauty?
Is my song important, or would it disappear unnoticed?
Is the song of my life the way the Writer intended?
Or am I sung off-key, out of tune?
Am I the instrument I was meant to be?

The singer sings on all the same.

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