I Woke Before the Dawn Today

The sun’s long reign has all but ended
the day dawns later
dark, rainy, a chilly pricking at my face
the clouds are low
the mountains hidden

The sun was arrogant
stealing away the night
overreaching, grasping too far
now, the night spies her chance
she begins to push him to retreat

Creation senses the impending victory
bears scrambling to eat their fill
animals preparing for their long flights south
saying their goodbyes to the midnight sun
humans trying to deny the inevitable

The time for lighting candles first inches closer
then moves in leaps
the neverending Sabbath becomes more sensible
then diminishes
we must rush to be ready

Now is a time for preparing
for last moments with the sun
for doing what has been put off
the list grows long
Fall looms near

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