The Sun Returns

Slowly at first, then increasing in speed
the light returns to the arctic
first weakly, it crawls across the mountains
thin rays barely scratching the snow
the ravens unaware

It sneaks up on me, quietly
without fanfare it begins to creep up
earlier it meets my days
later it takes its leave
lingering over sweet moments

In February or March, I can no longer ignore it
suddenly, I notice its advance
the ravens even chatter to each other
the rays grow thicker, stronger
its touch more insistent, clawing at the snow

Soon, the sun will tip the balance
soon it will reclaim its rule of summer
reigning over the long arctic days
banishing darkness entirely by June
the world bathed in light

For now, it is still the plucky underdog
it’s chest thrust out and chin set
forgetting its small size in the sky
arguing with the night
sparring for a fight

The moon patiently rises, amused
not realizing she’ll yet again be banished
she pays the upstart little mind
resplendent as she glows
the queen reflected in the snow

The ravens and I know the pattern
together we thank Hashem
the long winter is far from over
but there is light again in the arctic
and the promise that night will not rule long

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