Rockets Fall in Israel

A branch not yet fully grafted to the tree
fragile, only just beginning to be connected
looks back at the trunk, solid and strong
drawing strength knowing it is there
once a strange land, now home

the branch wavers in a strong wind
fearful of the coming storm
the trunk stands resolute
having weathered many storms before
scars healed in the bark

the storm gathers its strength
strong winds trying to uproot
older branches, grown from the tree groan and creak
their confidence unshaken
they continue to grow

the grafted branch shakes, fearful
a choice is made
the branch clings harder to the tree
knitting itself even deeper to it
the branch and tree face the storm

The winds and lightning turn to rain
steady drops soaking the earth
the tree grows only stronger
the branches reaching further
the grafted branch healing

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