Our Last Shabbos in Our Dream House

A little over 2 years ago, Mr. Safek and I bought our dream house and it was everything I had ever wanted in a home.  It is bright, airy, with plenty of room.  It has a nice, fenced in backyard with lots of sunlight and decks.  It has room to garden and room for a library.  The kitchen is a dream to cook in.  At the time, we were on our hiatus from conversion and we believed we’d be in that house at least until our children were grown.

Today, it’s full of boxes as we prepare to close this week.  This Shabbos, we spent time walking outside and lounging inside, but next Shabbos…someone else will live here, a non-Jew who hopefully will be just as happy as we were here.  It’s ironic that less than 6 months after we bought this home…we realized we were going to have to leave it and finish our conversions, but in the meantime, it’s been a wonderful place to live.

Packing hasn’t been easy.

Part of it has been having to go through all our belongings so carefully and pare them down to the bare minimum.  It’s so hard to move possessions this far, so we only take what we really need or can’t be replaced.   We’ve sold most of our furniture.  We’ve donated carloads of things.  I cried this past week when we sold my motorcycle, a relic from another part of my life that had brought me so much joy.  I kissed my hand and touched her headlight one last time and told her to be good to her next owner.

Bit by bit, we’ve been letting go of Alaska and now, this week, we let go of our home.

For the next two weeks, we will be nomads, living in a rental in a part of town we wouldn’t normally stay in.  Then, in a rush of crazy logistics, we will donate our truck and whatever isn’t flying with us…and we will leave Alaska.  Only Mr. Safek will return a couple of days later to begin the long drive through Canada with the Uhaul and what we are taking with us.  The kids and I will already be in our new home, building a new life bit by bit.

A lot of things are still up in the air, too.

My work is still working out my contract with the consulting company, so realistically, I don’t completely know if I have a job after the move yet or not.  I know they want to keep me on, so I’m trusting that it will all work out.  Our Rabbi has begun the official proceedings with the Beis Din for this summer, but again, details are few and we’re not sure what all we will need to do.  It is likely we will need to separate for a bit and there may be other preparations beyond just buying plane tickets.

It’s against this backdrop that Shabbos found us this past week, living around towers of boxes.  After our midday kiddush meal, we walked the neighborhood.  My daughter and I kept walking long after the boys were finished, exploring roads we’d never walked down and just enjoying the beautiful day.  The air was filled with the scent of all the fresh spring plants blooming and the sun was warm.  It was the sort of day that makes me sad to leave Alaska, even as I look forward to all the opportunities waiting for us.

We are truly in Hashem’s hands, simply following along.

One thought on “Our Last Shabbos in Our Dream House

  1. Behatzlachah in your move and your conversion! Some key parts of my life are in HaShem’s hands at the moment too (more obviously than usually, at any rate). It’s scary, but hopefully something better will come out of it than if things had just gone on in the same routine.

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