I am a conversion candidate, working on 7 years in the process of Orthodox Jewish conversion.  I still very much believe in the reasons that brought me to Orthodox Judaism and I still believe in the goodness of all people and particularly the Jewish people.  I’ve faced my share of twists and turns and discouragement.  I’ve given up a lot of things along the way that were once dreams, including the hope for more children.  Along the way, my husband’s halakhic status has come into question, putting him in the awkward position of “safek” or “question,” meaning that he also needs to undergo another gerus l’chumrah.

I still believe there is a reason for everything and that everything is for the good.  It’s been a long, lonely path, but there has also been so much good and so much growth.

This is my place to share that path with others, who also may be wandering out there, on their own long, lonely paths.  Welcome.  Let’s walk together a little while.

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