Discouraging the Convert

My very good friend over at Jewish Thoughts wrote a great blog post today about Orthodox Jewish converts, questioning how the Orthodox community treats them.  After detailing some of the painful things that she has seen with the converts that she knows, she asks some very good questions. So what exactly should we do? I’m not … Continue reading Discouraging the Convert

Thinking of Houston From Alaska

Alaskans and Texans share a bond, created both in the common oil industries that support each state and in the pioneer spirit that the inhabitants of both states seem to possess.  Alaska is often filled with Texan transplants, both companies and workers and we often playfully tease each other, with Alaskans pointing out that while … Continue reading Thinking of Houston From Alaska

In Search of Jewish Minimalism

I have probably been a minimalist my entire life, before I knew what to call it.  I've never been much attached to heirlooms or possessions and I've always found a great pleasure in getting rid of things.  Even as a child, when my mother would decide it was time to cull the herd of stuff … Continue reading In Search of Jewish Minimalism

After the Ground Shifts

Alaska has a lot of earthquakes.  Not everyone knows this, but Anchorage, Alaska, my current hometown, was leveled in the 60's by the largest recorded earthquake ever to hit North America.  It was a 9.2 in magnitude and hit on a friday evening in 1964, Good Friday for most people.  It destroyed most of Anchorage … Continue reading After the Ground Shifts

What Is It Like When Nazis March Past Your Synagogue?

I feel it's important to share this article, written by the President of a Reform Synagogue in Charlottesville, Virginia about their firsthand experiences this past weekend.  It's a really well-written account that captures all the complexity of their experiences.  It does talk about the fear as armed white supremacists marched past their Synagogue shouting Nazi … Continue reading What Is It Like When Nazis March Past Your Synagogue?