Healing My Relationship With Wigs

Two weeks ago, I got a package in the mail that I had been anxiously awaiting.  I took a deep breath before unwrapping it, nervous, hopeful.  It was like I was carefully measuring hope, not wanting to get TOO hopeful and be disappointed, but still really hoping. That package was a wig and I have … Continue reading Healing My Relationship With Wigs

A Shabbos to Bottle Up Time

The best laid plans can all be upended by a single plaintive cry from someone smaller than myself.  Her eyes had that glazed over look and her cheeks were flushed in that way every mother is familiar with and I knew, in an instant, down to my gut that despite all the carefully packed Shabbos … Continue reading A Shabbos to Bottle Up Time

Finding the Holiness…Right Where You Are.

I'm listening to a fantastic shiur, the kind of deep learning that makes my mind ache a little, like a muscle that's been well-used.  I know when I'm learning something that feeds me when it changes how I look at the world around me. Have you ever gone on a long trip away from home … Continue reading Finding the Holiness…Right Where You Are.

Eruv Shabbos, the World Inhales

It's so still outside that it's worth the insomnia that kept me up to see it and, more importantly hear it.  Underneath the stillness, there are birds calling to each other, first just the dark blue jays, so much bigger than the jays I grew up with and missing the white.  They're as large as … Continue reading Eruv Shabbos, the World Inhales