After the Ground Shifts

Alaska has a lot of earthquakes.  Not everyone knows this, but Anchorage, Alaska, my current hometown, was leveled in the 60's by the largest recorded earthquake ever to hit North America.  It was a 9.2 in magnitude and hit on a friday evening in 1964, Good Friday for most people.  It destroyed most of Anchorage … Continue reading After the Ground Shifts

What Is It Like When Nazis March Past Your Synagogue?

I feel it's important to share this article, written by the President of a Reform Synagogue in Charlottesville, Virginia about their firsthand experiences this past weekend.  It's a really well-written account that captures all the complexity of their experiences.  It does talk about the fear as armed white supremacists marched past their Synagogue shouting Nazi … Continue reading What Is It Like When Nazis March Past Your Synagogue?

The View Of Virginia From Alaska

The Sabbath still ends pretty late up here.  Havdalah was at 11:35 last night and we weren't done until later.  There were a lot of visitors this weekend and things ran a little late.  By chance, we opted to drive home after havdalah, to sleep in our own beds instead of the RV.  I came … Continue reading The View Of Virginia From Alaska

The Fast that Begins the Three Weeks

I write today because I don't know if I will tomorrow I know my mind will slow the words will crawl from my lips slowly, with effort dragging each thought behind them on a back bent and weary On fast days, I drift from this world closer to another, my mind stilled my focus blurred … Continue reading The Fast that Begins the Three Weeks

Losing My “Whiteness?”

Race is a complicated, emotional issue, particularly right now in the US.  For me, though, my focus lately is much more on something much closer to me than the headlines, but I didn't realize it until I was discussing recent headlines with a friend who happens to be a person of color. She said something … Continue reading Losing My “Whiteness?”

A Shabbos Wedding Anniversary…and Sad Memories

This past Shabbos was our 5th wedding anniversary.  I made my husband his favorite pie and, before Shabbos, his mother and stepfather called and sang us a "happy anniversary" song.  Beyond that, that was all that marked the occasion.  I found myself sadly transported back to 5 years ago in my heart and mind, again … Continue reading A Shabbos Wedding Anniversary…and Sad Memories

The Day I Became “Other”

I'd experienced passive antisemitism before, but this was different.  Suddenly, it wasn't so passive.  It sliced across a social media feed, cleaning cutting through friendships.  People I had thought were "good people" suddenly so filled with anger, with hate.  When I dared to speak my feelings, I was told that I was overreacting, that I'd … Continue reading The Day I Became “Other”