Healing My Relationship With Wigs

Two weeks ago, I got a package in the mail that I had been anxiously awaiting.  I took a deep breath before unwrapping it, nervous, hopeful.  It was like I was carefully measuring hope, not wanting to get TOO hopeful and be disappointed, but still really hoping. That package was a wig and I have … Continue reading Healing My Relationship With Wigs

Fragile Strands of Hope

The strings are tangled coiling up and evading prying fingertips his brow furrows his young fingers fumble I feel frustrated I can't tie these knots for him or untangle the strings Some things, a boy must do alone to become a man My fingers twitch, wanting to tie the knots for him remembering friendship bracelets … Continue reading Fragile Strands of Hope

Birthday Cake and Mitzvos

I'm reading a really good book about Family Purity called "Total Immersion."  All the books I've read on the topic previously have been more dry and focused on the "how" of the mitzvah, not the "why" or deeper spiritual dimension and I'm really enjoying this chance to step back and sink deeper into those aspects. … Continue reading Birthday Cake and Mitzvos

Holiness In a Casual World

This week's parshas (it's another 2fer) are all about holiness.  In the wake of Aaron's son's unfortunate deaths due to their unrequested offerings, these two parshas talk a lot about Hashem's expectations of the Jews.  There are specific laws for when and how the Kohen Gadol can enter the holy of holies, laws about how … Continue reading Holiness In a Casual World

Why Begin Again…Up Here?

In the brief break between the Shabbos and last two Yom Tovs of Pesach...I was cooking up a storm.  My husband's mind, however, was elsewhere.  He'd found IT.  The Shabbat RV 2.0 that he'd been looking for.  And, he needed to wrap things up as much as possible before the Yom Tov began...on what was … Continue reading Why Begin Again…Up Here?

Religiously Religious?

Sometimes, the strangest questions come to me at the oddest times.  It's a gift really.  In this case, the thought popped into my head as I was preparing to do a sinus rinse.  If you've never done one, they're not the most fun thing to do.  You essentially put saltwater up your nose and it … Continue reading Religiously Religious?

The Ups and Downs of “Practicing” Pesach

To boil or not to boil?  Which customs shall we use?  How stringent do we want to be this year?  These are all relevant questions we face as we clean out cabinets and work to gobble up all the chametz (leavened foods) in our house prior to Passover.  We're often on our own to try … Continue reading The Ups and Downs of “Practicing” Pesach

Animals, Sacrifices, and a Farmer’s Daughter

Bunny FuFu was the meanest creature I'd ever yet encountered in my very young world.  Those memories are fuzzy now because I was so very young, but I still remember how huge that white rabbit seemed, with red eyes and sharp teeth.  I'd feed him carrots through the mesh of his rabbit hutch, trying not … Continue reading Animals, Sacrifices, and a Farmer’s Daughter

Parshat Tzav for Conversion Candidates

I feel a little guilty that I don't often address the weekly parsha (Torah reading) in my blog.  Most often, it's because there are so many wonderful parsha commentaries out there that I don't feel I have anything unique to share.  Other times it's because the really deep insights I'd like to share only come … Continue reading Parshat Tzav for Conversion Candidates

Cold, Wet, and Dark – Our First Shabbat in the RV

Drip, drip, drip.  I cocoon in my blanket, trying to ignore the leak, my sweet and very cuddly daughter cocooned next to me.  We curl towards each other for warmth.  So the night passes. We knew there would be kinks to work out in our Shabbat RV, but I don't think any of us expected … Continue reading Cold, Wet, and Dark – Our First Shabbat in the RV

The Kindness of Strangers and Our First Shabbat in the RV

My heart is full today.  Yes, it is snowing again and the roads are a mess and the Spring that seemed so close by last weekend now feels like it has fled south to the lower 48, but...this weekend is our first weekend in our Shabbat RV and we have invitations to both Seders from … Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers and Our First Shabbat in the RV