Trust, Sukkos, and Snow

It's there, lurking in the forecast for this week and the weekend with cute little gradeschool snowflakes to denote the days it might happen.  Those innocent looking little snowflakes belie the fact that we don't yet have studded tires on the truck and that we'll be spending 3 days this week in the Shabbat RV … Continue reading Trust, Sukkos, and Snow

Caribou and Kosher Camping

**That is a picture I took of Denali, just 2 days ago.** My daughter and I hiked up, up the mountain, our legs burning as we climbed.  Both of us were in skirts and my sheitel (wig that some Orthodox married women cover their hair with) was soaked through, but we were grinning.  My husband … Continue reading Caribou and Kosher Camping

Of Moose and International Women’s Day

Somewhere, thousands of miles to the south, there are political things happening.  In my world, though, it's still dark.  I wake, wash, pray, then head to work at 4am, dodging moose on the way.  The snow has been heavy this year and they've sought shelter in the city, looking for food.  They munch on leaves … Continue reading Of Moose and International Women’s Day