The Fast that Begins the Three Weeks

I write today because I don't know if I will tomorrow I know my mind will slow the words will crawl from my lips slowly, with effort dragging each thought behind them on a back bent and weary On fast days, I drift from this world closer to another, my mind stilled my focus blurred … Continue reading The Fast that Begins the Three Weeks

Praying at the Edge of the World

My lips form the words of songs suited to warm Mediterranean waters As the cold arctic seas lap at my boots My eyes do not face olive groves they take in the expanse of glaciers, snow capped mountains Bald eagles watch me, warily My lips sing of Zion and Jerusalem only heard by a few … Continue reading Praying at the Edge of the World

I Was There

When the Voice shook the earth and miracles happened I was there, unseen and unknown I wandered through centuries lost alone unnumbered. I lived lives wild and untamable my ancestors were fierce brave and foolhardy they worshipped the creation and shook their swords at the creator When a nation was formed I was among its … Continue reading I Was There

Fragile Strands of Hope

The strings are tangled coiling up and evading prying fingertips his brow furrows his young fingers fumble I feel frustrated I can't tie these knots for him or untangle the strings Some things, a boy must do alone to become a man My fingers twitch, wanting to tie the knots for him remembering friendship bracelets … Continue reading Fragile Strands of Hope