Purim and Living Between Worlds

This week is one of my favorite Jewish holidays.  One of the very best things about Orthodox Judaism is that there are so many holidays and they're all so different in their observances and traditions.  Purim is a particularly fun holiday for children, with costumes and candy galore. This year, though, as we read the … Continue reading Purim and Living Between Worlds

A Day Without Women…and the Fast of Esther

One of the benefits of going to work so early that it's still dark is that I am able to get in a quick meal before a daytime fast begins.  I scarfed a bowl of oatmeal and thought about Ta'anit Esther. Esther was a leader, but a leader within a pretty brutally sexist regime.  Her … Continue reading A Day Without Women…and the Fast of Esther

Stubborn or Stiff-Necked?

I am stubborn. I justify it often, using my height as a handy excuse.  A low center of gravity must lend itself naturally to being hard to move, right?  Or, my red hair becomes the excuse as if its inability to choose a more common color somehow influences my brain to stay in well-trained ruts … Continue reading Stubborn or Stiff-Necked?