Fall Flu, Learning to Dress Like a Grownup, and Iggy Endures!

We had a VERY restful Shabbos and by restful, I mean that most of our family spent it sleeping with a nasty flu that set in toward the end of the week last week.  We would wake to daven and do kiddush and such, then sleep.  At one point, only my husband still had his … Continue reading Fall Flu, Learning to Dress Like a Grownup, and Iggy Endures!

Tznius, Unicorns, and Being Different

She was in tears and camp pickup was the usual chaos of any school or camp pickup.  Her big blue eyes were clouded and her face was red.  Mr. Safek, ever the protective papa bear, was already trying to find out who had made her cry.  Having been a girl that age myself a few years … Continue reading Tznius, Unicorns, and Being Different

Reframing Double Standards and Painting Cabinets

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult things about conversion that I've had to work on and help my children with is the reality of double standards.  It's one of those things that I think every Orthodox conversion candidate has to come to a place of acceptance with because it's not something we can … Continue reading Reframing Double Standards and Painting Cabinets

It All Begins In Darkness

A non-Jewish coworker once asked me why Shabbat and our holidays all begin at sundown.  My first response was that in the Jewish calendar, days begin at sundown, but after he happily accepted that easy answer, I thought about it a bit and realized his question was actually a pretty profound one. In the Western … Continue reading It All Begins In Darkness

When a Doubt Sneaks In…

Things are going VERY well.  We have secured the Shabbat RV 2.0.  We survived Passover and even enjoyed it.  I'm still sick with some kind of cold/flu, but I'm on the mend.  We're even preparing for a weekend trip down to sunny WARM Florida to visit family.  I have no reason to feel the way … Continue reading When a Doubt Sneaks In…

Religiously Religious?

Sometimes, the strangest questions come to me at the oddest times.  It's a gift really.  In this case, the thought popped into my head as I was preparing to do a sinus rinse.  If you've never done one, they're not the most fun thing to do.  You essentially put saltwater up your nose and it … Continue reading Religiously Religious?

Animals, Sacrifices, and a Farmer’s Daughter

Bunny FuFu was the meanest creature I'd ever yet encountered in my very young world.  Those memories are fuzzy now because I was so very young, but I still remember how huge that white rabbit seemed, with red eyes and sharp teeth.  I'd feed him carrots through the mesh of his rabbit hutch, trying not … Continue reading Animals, Sacrifices, and a Farmer’s Daughter

The Power of What Is Hidden

A wise friend of mine is fond of saying, "There is potency in what is hidden." The culture around us seems to leave little to the imagination, from what someone has for dinner to their innermost thoughts, there is a pressure to share for attention.  Some people have become celebrities for little more than sharing … Continue reading The Power of What Is Hidden

A Day Without Women…and the Fast of Esther

One of the benefits of going to work so early that it's still dark is that I am able to get in a quick meal before a daytime fast begins.  I scarfed a bowl of oatmeal and thought about Ta'anit Esther. Esther was a leader, but a leader within a pretty brutally sexist regime.  Her … Continue reading A Day Without Women…and the Fast of Esther

The Marks Across My Heart

An artifact from my life before I'd ever met a Jew or knew anything of Judaism, I have tattoos.  Not just small, cute tattoos, no...we're talking tattoos that scrawl across empty spaces, for the most part hidden now beneath modest clothing, but always there, a reminder of a life I once lived. My first tattoo … Continue reading The Marks Across My Heart