Everyday Holiness

One of the things I love most about Judaism is the awareness and intention it can bring to even the most mundane and everyday of tasks.  Growing up, "religion" was something that was always separate from everyday life.  We went to church on certain days and not others.  We prayed only on certain days or … Continue reading Everyday Holiness

This Week’s Parsha – Pinchas – A Tale of Two Sets of Daughters

This week's parsha has always been one I've stumbled over.  I know I'm supposed to revile the Moabite women who seduce the Israelites and cheer on Pinchas as he becomes a righteous zealot, skewering one of them and Zimri, gaining his descendants the priesthood.  Still, just something seems off about it, particularly as it comes … Continue reading This Week’s Parsha – Pinchas – A Tale of Two Sets of Daughters

Parsha Shlach and Our Own Years in the Desert

In this week's parsha, the Jewish people are punished for the false reports 10 of the 12 spies come back with.  Their punishment is to wait 40 more years in the desert and to only have their children be able to go into the land they have been promised. I recently read a commentary by … Continue reading Parsha Shlach and Our Own Years in the Desert

The Power of Knowing Your Why

The book of Numbers has another name in the Talmud...the book of complainers.  It's a pretty apt description since it isn't long into this book before the Jewish people begin complaining.  They've been in the desert a long time, wandering.  The exciting miracles and sparks of inspiration have dimmed and are more in the past. … Continue reading The Power of Knowing Your Why

The Ten Unfaithful Spies and an Eye Infection

Somewhere in the past blur of weeks, I contracted an eye infection.  The cure for this infection is, ironically, stinging, burning drops I must put in every two hours.  That's not fun.  Even worse, during this time, I have to wear my glasses, which give me headaches and make me feel dizzy and sick to … Continue reading The Ten Unfaithful Spies and an Eye Infection

Holiness In a Casual World

This week's parshas (it's another 2fer) are all about holiness.  In the wake of Aaron's son's unfortunate deaths due to their unrequested offerings, these two parshas talk a lot about Hashem's expectations of the Jews.  There are specific laws for when and how the Kohen Gadol can enter the holy of holies, laws about how … Continue reading Holiness In a Casual World

Animals, Sacrifices, and a Farmer’s Daughter

Bunny FuFu was the meanest creature I'd ever yet encountered in my very young world.  Those memories are fuzzy now because I was so very young, but I still remember how huge that white rabbit seemed, with red eyes and sharp teeth.  I'd feed him carrots through the mesh of his rabbit hutch, trying not … Continue reading Animals, Sacrifices, and a Farmer’s Daughter

Parshat Tzav for Conversion Candidates

I feel a little guilty that I don't often address the weekly parsha (Torah reading) in my blog.  Most often, it's because there are so many wonderful parsha commentaries out there that I don't feel I have anything unique to share.  Other times it's because the really deep insights I'd like to share only come … Continue reading Parshat Tzav for Conversion Candidates